Inspired by same sex weddings.
Minus Y is designed to provide empowerment and confidence through beautifully tailored suits and alternative pieces.

Who We Are

Minus Y challenges the gender stereotypical fashion of wedding attire.
We offer more than clothing.
We offer an experience.

Minus Y want you to have that special moment, where you see each other for the first time on your wedding day, full of love, excitement and of course, wearing the perfect outfits.

We specialise in styling brides outfits together so you both look amazing side by side. All of our pieces are made to order and therefore can be altered in any way.

The aesthetics’ of the brand was designed keeping in mind how the wearer wants to feel, who they are and always keeping it authentic. The company is devoted to love and equality, keeping the garments locally made in Melbourne and challenging the status quo of innovative design.

The Change Collection

Each piece is designed, patterned and made locally in Melbourne, the collection is made from the finest silks and embellished with an eclectic mixture of classic bridal laces and tulle with tough shoulder pads, buttons and leather. The suit fits in a genderless approach, removing darts and certain lines that give women’s suit fragility. These pieces combined with structured corsets, draped necklines and inspiring gowns display a power, pride and romance for a person to feel authentically themselves.

Elissa Koutsotheodoros, the founder and managing director of Minus Y created the brand and collection for same sex marriages, for the individual who doesn’t want to follow tradition, for the creative professional and the person who wants to stand out.

Each piece is hand finished and a limited edition design.

Custom Service

We would love to meet you and have a talk about what you really love.

Minus Y is a custom design service. Whether you want to personalise buttons and trims or work with us to design your very own outfit from scratch – the sky is the limit. We have the expertise to make your dreams happen.

The fit is everything at Minus Y. You will be involved in the design and creation process – coming in for a fitting to see your garment evolve and letting us ensure the fit and style is perfect.

Appointments are in our private studio located in Brighton, VIC.

Fill out the contact form below to start the process today.

Each one of our pieces are tailor made –  we require at least 2 fittings to ensure a perfect fit.


Design Consultation (this can be one on one or over the phone).

First Fitting

See your tailor made garment come to life with your first fitting.

Second Fitting

By the second fitting details are added and finishing touches decided.

Third Fitting

Your garment(s) will be finished and assessed by the designer to ensure everything is perfect.

The process typically takes 6-8 weeks and we can work with interstate guests to combine 2 of the fittings in one weekend.

Variations are dependent on complexity of styles, fabric available and studio capacity.

*Items can be ordered in standard sizes, however we recommend fittings to achieve the best result.

Get In Touch

Fill out the form and book us for a free private fitting. We can customise anything to your liking.

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